Janelle on near Mt Huntington’s summit, Alaska

Janelle on near Mt Huntington’s summit, Alaska

Measurable Impressions

The Smileys on Mt Waddington, BC, Canada  ©Chris Werner

Busy night on El Capitan, Yosemite   ©Mark Smiley

Janelle on Mt Robson’s Wishbone Arête   ©Mark Smiley

Choose An Expedition
Title Sponsors Receive
Supporting Sponsor Receive

† Your logo will be displayed as, “Presented By” in the beginning and end of the expedition video(s) you purchase. (20,000 impressions minimum guarantee)

† 8-10 second micro commercial at the beginning of your video, describing your company. Similar to the start of the Banff Film Festival.

† 10 images, similar to those seen here, can be used, royalty free, for your advertising needs for two years.

† Logo will be placed on the Smiley’s equipment and clothing in a professional and eye-catching manner.

† The Smiley’s Dodge Sprinter van will travel displaying your logo.

† Logo will be seen at the slide shows the Smileys host around the country.

† Logo/link placed on SmileysProject.com (5,000+ visitors/month).

† Receive product placement in all videos produced in 2013.

† The Smileys will shoot and edit a 1 minute commercial for the products we use. This video can be used as you see fit.

† Stylish product placement in the videos.

† Repost trip reports on your blog, like  prAna does here

† Logo/link on SmileysProject.com website.

† Logo placed at the end of each 2013 video.

The Smileys need your help to complete their goal. Below are the mountains they will be climbing in 2013. These will be classic climbs #41-47 on their
way to complete all 50. Each expedition is a major undertaking, and will have one Title Sponsor
position and several Supporting Partner positions.

The breathtaking journey of a husband-wife
team attempting be the first people to climb
all of the famous routes from the book
Fifty Classic Climbs of North America.

Petit Grepon - South Face

Mt Fairweather - Carpê Ridge

Mt St Elias - Abruzzi Ridge

Denali - Cassin Ridge

Mt Edith Cavell - North Face

Shiprock - Sierra Route

Moose’s Tooth - West Ridge

20 day expedition  /  Title Sponsor: $7000
Highlights: Highest mountain in N. America, Glaciers, Ice climbing, Rock Climbing, Ski Plane Approach

20 day expedition  /  Title Sponsor: $7000
Highlights: Impossibly remote, Glaciers, Ice climbing, Rock Climbing, Helicopter Approach

20 day expedition  /  Title Sponsor: $7000
Highlights: Impossibly remote, Glaciers, Ice climbing, Ski Descent, Ski Plane Approach

1 Long Day Climb  /  Title Sponsor: $4000
Highlights: Loose Rock & Ice Climbing, Glaciers, Canadian Rockies are Epic

1 Day Climb  /  Title Sponsor: $4000
Highlights: Very Popular climb, Easy to access for most climbers, Great Rock Climb

1 Day Climb  /  Title Sponsor: $4000
Highlights: Rich back story to get permission to climb with the Navajo Nation, Unique climbing in New Mexico

10 Day Expedition  /  Title Sponsor: $7000
Highlights: Loose Rock & Ice Climbing, Glaciers, Mile Long Cornices Ridge. Can be combined with the Cassin Ridge on Denali: $10000 for BOTH videos

Sponsor Details

In order to have your logo and link on the 2013 videos, $3000 worth of wholesale priced product and/or services will need to be provided to the Project during 2013. This will make your company a Supporting Sponsor.

This product investment can also go towards offsetting the amounts listed to become a Title Sponsor. (ie: $3000 worth of product + $4000 = Moose’s Tooth Title Sponsor Position)

You can also join another company to reach the minimum investment levels. (ie: Company A contributes $5000 and Company B contributes $5000, those companies would be Title Sponsors for the Denali AND the Moose’s Tooth videos.)

Have another idea? The Smileys are always open for suggestions.


“Sterling Rope has enjoyed working with Mark and Janelle Smiley for the past two years on their 50 Classic Climbs project.

They are both extremely professional and great to work with. The content that they provide to us for our catalogs, web pages and social media is fantastic and unlike anything else we get from other sponsored athletes.

Their story is not just about the climbing or the gear they use, it is also about relationships and the challenges we all face in life, in marriage and in ‘the outdoors’.”

John Branagan
Director of Marketing
Sterling Rope

“I brought the Smiley’s on to our program 2 1/2 years ago.  They have been nothing short of spectacular.

Constant updates, great usable photos and footage throughout each of their trips.  We even used them as one of our main focuses for our 2012 ad campaign.”

Chris Wyman
Sports Marketing Director
Kaenon Polarized

“The Smiley’s project has been of great interest to the readers, fans and customers of prAna.

Their dedication to an unique and life altering multiyear adventure has stirred the imagination of folks both inside and outside our company.

We sincerely hope they will continue to provide high quality content (articles and video) as they push through the most difficult section of their project.”

Andre’ H. Walker
Interactive Media

"Mark Smiley has approached his 50 Classic Climbs/Committed project as a professional from the beginning.

He knows how to outline the benefits to the Sponsor in a tangible format and delivers what he promises.

NEMO has been very satisfied and impressed with Mark's video, photo and written trip reports. We actually get photos we can use - which is a rarity!"

Kate Ketschek
Director of Public Relations
NEMO Equipment

Returning from a successful climb of Mt Hunter’s West Ridge, AK    ©Mark Smiley


The stories they portray relate perfectly to the climbing community. The videos are evolving from the standard climbing action videos (dime a dozen), to climbing videos that tell a story, and bring the viewer in. The climbing community has embraced Committed in a big way.

Ever growing numbers:
Vimeo Video views (265,000+ plays)
Facebook: FB (1500+ Likes) 
The main site: smileysproject.com (5300+ visits this month) 
Blog: A Breath of Thin Air (63,000+ visits) 

Benefits for You
A professionally shot and edited 10-15 minute video will be created for each expedition. These will be distributed, for free, via the internet, film festivals, & slide shows.

Social Media sites will be kept up to date with the Smiley’s Progress.

A trip report, with pro grade images, will be updated via their very popular blog.

Also, the Smiley’s are now making product commercials for their sponsors.
Example: 2 min LaSportiva mountaineering boot commercial: 
password: Sportiva1928

Keynote speaking engagements can be scheduled as well. Their multimedia presentation is sure to motivate & inspire.https://vimeo.com/user2604859/videoshttp://www.facebook.com/SmileysProjecthttp://smileysproject.com/http://smileysproject.blogspot.com/https://vimeo.com/52910620shapeimage_39_link_0shapeimage_39_link_1shapeimage_39_link_2shapeimage_39_link_3shapeimage_39_link_4

Mark & Janelle are motivated climbers who find value inspiring others to get out and enjoy adventures together. Married six short years, climbing for a combined 34 years; they desire to make a positive impact on the world around them. By reaching hard for their dreams they want to jump-start other peoples’ motivation to achieve their personal and career goals.


Measurable  Reach:

Vimeo Video Views: 295,000 plays & 2.3 million page loads

   -These views from a very specific climbing enthusiast. They are live and getting viewed everyday.

   -Videos embedded on popular climbing sites (climbing.com8a.nuclimbingnarc.comthreesixfive.comescaladequebec.com, etc)

   -Your logo will be seen at the start and end of the video. 

   -Your logo will be seen even when video is not played on the video title cover.

   -You will be able to embed the videos on your webpage, blog, and facebook page. 

   -YouTube: another 20,000 views on our YouTube Channel with the classic climb videos playing on that site.

Website: smileysproject.com: 53,746 visitors 79,900 page views/year. ave time on 1:58 min

   -4,286 visitors & 6,265 page views in January 2013

Facebook: 2686 fans (between Committed's page, Mark and Janelle's personal pages)

   -Reach thousands of people per month

   -20 different countries and 19 languages 

Blog (Breath of Thin Air): 66,383 page views total. Ave 2,221/month

   -Posting monthly, and plan to make it a bi-monthly post during 2013/14


   -Wall Street Journal mentioned our project in an article written by the late Mike Ybarra

   -Climbing Magazine wrote up a spread on the project in 2010. An update article is in the works for 2013.

   -Sterling Rope and Nemo Equipment have used our photos in Full page ads in Rock N Ice, Climbing, and Alpinists magazines.

   -4 articles have been writing in local newspapers (Boulder Daily Camera x 2, Crested Butte News x 2, Valemont, BC local paper)

Slide shows:

We have hosted 15 different slide shows over the last 3 years. Ave audience was 50 people, with the biggest being 250. 

Cross promotion:

There are 9 other companies on board that post the content we create to their marketing circles.